Cardiovascular System Chart
Cardiovascular System Chart

Cardiovascular System Chart

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Cardiovascular System Chart illustrates and identifies Major Arteries and Major Veins of the Human Body. Describing  function and connections of Arteries, Veins and Organs of the Circulatory System. Text boxes and diagrams provide information on: Major Arteries, Major Veins,Heart, Lungs and Respiration, Hepatic Portal System, Capillaries and Blood.

Colourful Hand Drawn anatomical illustrations were originally commissioned by Chartex prior to the 'Digital Age'.

The Chartex Cardiovascular System Chart is designed to be informative and functional providing a useful medical Training Aid and Reference Resource for Hospitals, Medical Students, Doctors Surgeries, Physiotherapists and Health clinics.

Available A1 (84cm x 60cm) A2 (60cm x 42cm) A3 (42cm x 30cm) PVC Laminated or Paper Format

Designed and published in UK exclusively by Chartex

Charts Sent Rolled in Postal Tube

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