Exercise Ball Stretching Chart

Exercise Ball Stretching Chart

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Swiss Ball Exercise Stretching Chart shows how to perform a variety of stretching exercises using an inflatable Swiss ball. Each stretch is named and numbered and accompanied with information to ensure the stretch is done correctly.

Designed to improve overall flexibility, the series of 12 Stretch Exercises cover all major muscle groups using an Inflatable Exercise Ball.

Stretching exercises are recommended prior to engaging in sporting and physical activities to minimise strain and injury.

Exercises are supported with advice on technique and identify which major muscle groups are being worked.

Improving abdominal and core muscles improves posture and stability, reducing the chance of developing back pain or injury.

Chartex Swiss Exercise Ball Charts provides a useful aid and resource for educational facilities, dance studios, sport clubs and gyms.

Designed and Published in UK by Chartex

Size B2 (70cm x 50cm) A3 (42cm x 30cm)

Charts Sent 'ROLLED' In Postal Tube

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