Golf Fitness Training Double DVD
Golf Fitness Training Double DVD

Golf Fitness Training Double DVD

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Chartex Golf Fitness Training Double DVD suitable for golfers of all ages and abilities.
Provides useful information designed to improve the golfers general fitness and play. Six chapters exploring:
1)  Muscle function during phases of the golf swing.
2)  Fundamentals such as the Grip and Address Position.
3)  Understanding your game and how it may be improved.
4)  Illustrated exercises to strengthen muscle groups used during: Address, Back-swing, Down-swing, Hitting Zone and Follow Through.
5)  Exercises to strengthen Core Muscles, Upper and Lower limbs, Cardiovascular system and improve flexibility and mobility.
6)  Advice on how to structure an overall training program specific for golf.
    A useful and educational DVD that can be enjoyed by all golf enthusiasts
    Designed and published exclusively by Chartex
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