Health and Fitness Assessment Protocol Charts

Health & Fitness Assessment Protocol Charts provide a recognised clinical method of assessing and measuring an individual’s strength, fitness and general health. Results can be gauged by repeating the standard assessment at a future date, outcomes indicating improvement or decline in performance. Results can also be compared within peer groups to assess above or below health and fitness.

Consisting of seven assessment protocols; height and weight, body composition, flexibility, strength and endurance, blood pressure peak expiratory flow and maximum oxygen uptake. These charts provide any medical or sports related establishment a comprehensive range of standard health and fitness assessment tests suitable for use with medical patients and athletes alike.

In a medical environment these protocols provide a widely recognised method of health screening where the assessor can determine a subject’s potential risk of ailments such as heart and respiratory disease, obesity level and physical limitations.

In a sporting environment the assessor can measure and compare an athlete’s performance with past results and competitors. 

The charts are printed high quality heavyweight satin paper and laminated in 250 micron PVC for durability and hygiene. Available as A3 size individually or as a complete set.