Upper Limb Nerve Chart - Anterior
Upper Limb Nerve Chart - Anterior

Upper Limb Nerve Chart - Anterior

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Chartex Upper Limb Nervous System Chart - Anterior illustrates, explains and identifies anatomy of major nerves of the Upper Limb showing muscles supplied by the major nerves also illustrating nerves that make up the Brachial Plexus.

The chart provides definitions of Roots Trunks Divisions and Cords which make up the Brachial Plexus and describes how it is formed.

Information is provided about the Musculo - Cutaneous nerve, Long Thoracic nerve, Ulnar and Median nerves as to where they arise from the cervical roots or Brachial Plexus and which muscles they supply.

Hand Drawn illustrations origionally commissioned by Chartex prior to the Digital Age.

Chartex Upper Limb Nervous System Chart is designed as a Training Aid and Reference Resource for Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Doctors Surgeries, Physiotherapy Departments, Education Facilities and as an learning tool for Anatomy Students and practical visual aid explaining nerve related problems to patients.

Aailable A2 (60cm x 42cm) A3 (42cm x 30cm) PVC Laminated or Paper Format

Designed and published in UK exclusively by Chartex

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