Weight Training Exercise Series

A set of weight training exercise charts with pictures giving excellent guidance on strength and weight training tips and advice across all the major muscle groups.

Chartex Weight Training Exercise Charts are available individually or as a set of six.

This weight training equipment illustrates a range of Isolation and Compound Exercises demonstrating how to work specific muscles to improve strength and encourage Lean Muscle Growth.

Individual muscle groups illustrated include: Arm muscles - Biceps, Triceps and Forearms. Shoulder & Chest Muscles, Upper & Lower Back muscles and Leg quads and hamstring muscles.

PVC Laminated (encapsulated) or Paper Format A1, A2 and A3 Sizes.

Designed for all ages and ability to improve Strength & Fitness through resistance training. Suitable for Weight Lifters, Power Lifters, Bodybuilders, Sportsmen & Atheletes or anyone looking to improve physical strength & muscle tone.

A useful training aid program and reference resource for Sports Therapists, Health Clubs, Commercial and for weight training at home.

Designed & published in UK by Chartex.