Smoking and Tobacco Awareness Chart

Smoking and Tobacco Awareness Chart

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Effects of smoking on the organs of the human body.

Chartex Smoking Awareness Chart highlights the adverse effects of tobacco on different organs of the body. 

Provides information about the classification of drugs and their effects on the body.

Also gives a guidance on how to plan a strategy to stop smoking. Stage 1 gives guidance on how to prepare oneself to stop smoking. Stage 2 advises on putting together an action plan to actually stop smoking. Stage 3 suggests strategies on how to remain a non smoker.

Colourfully illustrated chart designed as a useful aid and reference resource for doctors surgery’s, schools, colleges, universities, health and medical centres and clinics as a guide to help people stop smoking or in the case of children and teenagers persuade them not to start.

  • Laminated Size A2 (60cm x 42cm) 
  • Designed and published in UK by Chartex

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