Hand Function & Anatomy Chart
Hand Function & Anatomy Chart

Hand Function & Anatomy Chart

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A wall chart showcasing the function and anatomy of the hand.

Hand Function & Anatomy Chart illustrates & explains the function, structure & movements of the hand & wrist depicting Palmar & Dorsal views of the Major Nerves & Arteries of the hand.

Also described are muscles working in Extension, Flexion, Supination, Pronation Ulnar Deviation & Radial Deviation with illustrations of main gripping actions: Precision Grip (Pinch Grip), Power Grip, Hook Grip & Key Grip (Pincer Grip).

The Original Hand Drawn illustrations were originally commissioned by Chartex prior to the 'Digital Age’.

Designed as a useful Reference Resource & Training Aid for Medical Practices, Physiotheropists, Hospitals, Medical Establishments, Anatomy Students & as a practical visual aid to explain Hand related problems to patients.

Available in A2 & A3 sizes either PVC Laminated or Paper Format (A3 PVC Laminated Only). 

Additional Information

  • Designed & published exclusively by Chartex Ltd
  • Size: A2 (60cm x 42cm) A3 (42cm x 30cm)
  • Charts sent 'ROLLED' in postal tube

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