Sport Chart Risks from Drugs

Sport Chart Risks from Drugs

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Risks Of Drugs In Sport Wall Chart illustrates the unhealthy and dangerous effects on the body when using drugs to enhance sporting performance.

Addictive drugs such as stimulants can cause Depression, Anxiety, Aggression and extreme Mood Swings.

The heart, Liver and other organs can be damaged by taking performance enhancing drugs such as EPO, Beta Blockers, Anabolic Steroids and Amphetamines.

Chartex Drugs In Sport Charts highlight benefits of effective Drug Free fitness training and the importance of good nutrition and remind athletes regarding their responsibility to avoiding taking medications and supplements that contain prohibited substances.

Designed as a useful Educational Aid and Training Reference Resource for Educational Facilities, Gyms, Sports Colleges, Sports Clubs, Athletics Coaches and Trainers.

Available B2 (70cm x 50cm) A3 (42cm x 30cm) PVC laminated or Paper Format

Designed and published in UK exclusively by Chartex

Charts Sent Rolled In Postal Tube

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