Body Fat Composition Poster

Body Fat Composition Chart

Body Fat Composition Poster

Body Fat Composition Poster

CHARTEX Body Fat Composition Chart illustrates the protocol involved in measuring distribution of body fat utilising the Skin Fold Calliper method.

The classification table shows normal ranges for percentage of body fat for men and women in relation to Essential Fat, Athletic, Healthy Low, Healthy High, Unfit and Overweight.

Forming part of CHARTEX Health and Fitness Assessment Protocols - Set of 8 Charts which are designed as a standardised, practical method of conducting basic health and fitness tests providing an approved method for Medical Practitioners, Health Clinics, Fitness Instructors and Health Clubs needing to assess patients or gym member’s general health and fitness.

The protocols are Approved by the UK National Sports Medicine Institute and designed in conjunction with K Fulcher and Dr P Bromley and Dr S Evetts of Thames Valley University Health and Exercise Science Group.

  • Designed and published exclusively by CHARTEX in UK
  • Available A3 (42cm x 30cm) size PVC Laminated

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