Health And Fitness Manuals - Set of 4

Health And Fitness Manuals - Set of 4

Health And Fitness Manuals - Set of 4

Set of 4 manuals illustrating general health advice.

Chartex Fitness Matters Manuals - Set of 4 illustrated Health related manuals

1) Keep Fit and Flexible: 38 page manual, keeping mobile and maintaining flexibility for sport and daily life.

2) Keep Strong and Healthy Using Free Weights: 54 page manual, keep strong and healthy using dumb-bells and barbells.

3) Improve Core Stability With Floor and Inflatable Ball Exercises: 46 page manual, improve and strengthen core stability.

4) Healthy Heart and Weight Control: 38 page manual, maintain a healthy heart and control body weight through Exercise, Diet and Nutrition.

Chartex Health Manualsprovidea useful Training Aid and Reference Resource for Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors, Physiotherapists, Health Related Establishment or anyone looking to maintain their Personal Health and Fitness.

Size B5 (25cm x 18cm)Paperback Publication mounted on ring binders

Designed and published by Chartex


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